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When your company decides to share data with another party, you need to put together a plan on how to accomplish this as securely as possible. It’s like a mini business plan but with secure data sharing in mind.

To help you plan for secure data sharing between your organization and other entities, here’s a checklist of the most important factors to consider:

1. Detail the Purpose of the Data Sharing Agreement

2. Describe the Data to Be Shared

Also, you need to detail just how the selected data is to be identified and selected. You must have the right field identifiers in place to properly sort and cut the data. You don’t want to provide more data than what is needed; that could overwhelm the entity with whom the data is shared and expose more data than necessary to outside examination. You want to share just the data needed and nothing more.

3. Detail Where the Data Is to Be Stored

If your data is parceled out across multiple departments and locations, you have a more daunting task ahead of you. You’ll either need to centralize the needed data beforehand or put together processes to extract the necessary data from multiple databases.

4. Detail How the Data Is to Be Secured

You’ll also have to decide how your secure data will be kept secure throughout the sharing process. Ideally, you want to use end-to-end encryption so that, even if the data is intercepted mid-stream, it can’t be deciphered and read by any party other than the intended recipient.

This also matters to any messaging or communications between your company’s employees and employees from the sharing partner. It’s likely some confidential data will need to be transmitted via text messaging, email, voice calls, or video chats; for optimal security, all these communications must be end-to-end encrypted. It’s important to choose a secure communications solution, such as Wickr, that offers end-to-end encrypted messaging for secure data sharing.

5. Describe Who Should Have Access to the Data

6. Detail How the Data Will Be Used

7. Describe Any Legal or Regulatory Constraints on How the Data Is to Be Shared and Used

Make sure that you and your sharing partner adhere to all legal or industry regulations concerning the use of the shared data.

8. Identity the Technologies Used to Share the Data

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Originally published at on October 14, 2019.

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